Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Gordon as Lazarus-Even a 'Snap' Election Can't be Ruled Out Now

Why study boring old politics I'm sometimes asked? Well, what's happened to Gordon Brown over the last few months provides the answer: the fascination with 'who is in' and 'who is out'; 'who is up' and 'who is down'. A political career in intensive care and apparently over, is suddenly revived. Brown is the Lazarus of the age.

A few months ago I asked students to identify what achievements Brown could chalk in his 'plus' chart since becoming PM. They could not find a single item- and nor could I. But now....? Paul Krugman, the recent Nobel Economics Laureate praises our man as the saviour of the world! That's some transformation. While presidents faltered and company CEOs stood helpless, Gordon, and his faithful lieftenant Alistair, marched boldly into the breach like an economic Nelson or even Henry V.

Of course this could be temporary as the world decides the Brown solution, like the Paulsen solution before it- doesn't work. But if it does work Gordon might win Glenrothes and might even look good for 2010. One US academic in a discussion forum to which I belong has even suggested he might go for a snap election?! I know that's not going to happen but I think it's unlikely he'll have another such favourable opportunity before 2010. Amazing, just amazing.

Couldn't agree more, Bill. I was thrilled to observe such a phenomenon as Brown becoming the trail-blazing global hero after being near to the rubbish dump only last week or so.

Just shows he only needed the right sort of challenge and he rose to it! He can't do 'normal' but he's obviously good at crises.
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