Saturday, July 12, 2008


Davis Byelection Failed to Strike a National Nerve

Don't know about you but I'm yet to be convinced David Davis acheived anything substantial by his byelection adventure. OK, 35% is 'respectable' and higher than Hilary Benn's 19% garnered in his Leeds Central byelection in 1999, but the turnout at Henley in another wholly predictable contest reached 50%; it seems even his own supporters did not really want to know. The question has to be asked: 'Has Davis changed anything?'

He is back in the Commons but out of the Shadow Cabinet and possibly has just seen his ministerial career go down the toilet. Whilst as Home secretary he might have set about dismantling Brown's 'Big Brother' state, he now faces an indefinite period on the backbenches. Has he raised awareness of civil libderties issues, the main justification for his actions? I would like to say he has succeeded as it was a genuinely brave thing he has done, but if you had to give his awareness raising marks out of ten, what would you give him? I'd give him 3.

And Cameron might give him a job, but Davis's actions were not approved by Cameron in the first place, he has subsequently proved he is not a team player and maybe someone Dave cannot ever trust. He has certainly demonstrated he is prepared to flout Canmeron's authority and I suspect Cameron's mostly old Etonian advisers have been whispering in their leader's ear words along the lines of '... but you can't take the council estate out of the boy'. All in all it's proved to be hugely diverting and not without merit, but most definitely, a resounding flop.

To be honest I'd have had more respect had he not ensured the Lib Dems stood aside.The Greens also shared his opposition to 42 days detention but he didn't asked them to stand side.

I suspect no one will be talking about Davis next week, or 42 days detention. I'd give him a 2 out of 10 in terms of raising awareness of the issue.
As Bob Piper has helped to point out, the most bizarre aspect of this sorry spectacle was the rush of so-called liberals aligning themselves with a man who would have had ten famous terror suspects, the Guildford Four and the Birmingham Six, hanged by their necks.

Strange, opportunistic, bedfellows indeed.

And all over a bill allowing a two week extension of the time that a handful of terror suspects can be held without charge and increasing the judicial scrutiny for both the 28 days and 42 days detention...
A ludicrous comment about the Council Estate that spoiled an otherwise good article. Paranoid garbage that says more about you than them.
Bob's point on the money of course but 42 days was a turkey of an issue in my view, not least because so many experts said it was.

Anon's point good too re Lib Dems; it was obvious Labour would hold back too once that happened as there was nothing for them in the contest while there could have been for LDs. 2 out of 10 maybe the consensus re awareness raising...
Long time no hear from you! You may be right I was off the mark re snobbery at the highest level in Conservative Party but it's cyncisim rather than paranoia I assure you.
Cycnicism is fair enough I guess. I am sure there is snobbery in Tory circles, but I doubt they look at peoples' origins(and I hope not) as much as they look at their behaviour. And this kind of snoobbery I approve of completely.
I agree - I think the charge of 'stunt' is unfair since it damaged his party rather than helped it and I don't doubt his sincerity but he could have been a more effective opponent as shadow home secretary so it still seems a bit bizzare.

p.s. Thanks for your kind plug on the norm profile....
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