Saturday, May 03, 2008


The Real Test is Just Beginning for Boris and the Tories

As expected from the national trend, Boris won and is now mayor of London. After second preferences had been distributed Boris garnered 53.18% and Ken 46.82%. It was a good contest, won fair and square and Boris's support in the outer London boroughs revealed that the Tory south has probably now ended its love affair with New Labour. But, once they have enjoyed the 'drink' to which Boris referred in his gracious acceptance speech, he and his colleagues will face a severe test.

The media love Boris- his clownish personna, his habitual gaffes and his taste for Hampstead middle class promiscuity at the office. He is a popular figure-even I like Boris; but celebrity politicians face special hazards. The media will be all over him for months- and the rightwing press as much as the left as readers will buy any paper detailing mistakes by the famous former Bullingdonite. 'Events' might well keep him awake at night as things he cannot control begin to create problems as they always do in politics. My bet would be that the first cock-up will have arrived by September this year and that, in all probability they'll keep on coming. Dave himself might find sleep a bit hard to sustain during these first few dangerous months.

As long as his mistakes are in the form of sexual adventures and ludicrous comments he can make as many of them as he likes as far as I'm concerned.

Better that than, how shall I put it, the distinctly dodgy dealings of Ken.
I think Boris does face a serious test now, but I also think that he is more capable of passing it than you believe. One of the things that comes across in Andrew Gimson's perceptive biography is his ambition, and I suspect he absolutely does not want to fail in this new incarnation. I say all power to his elbow!

Incidentally, Gimson's biography also paints a picture of a more complex man than the 'Bullingdonite' tag allows!! Anyway, I need to go and re-train - apparently good teachers get better results than bad teachers, according to the stunning insight of a report by the IPPR today!!
Could be you're right on Boris- he seems to epitomise, in his inimitable fashion, the public school tradition of pretending one is hopeless and then proving not to be. It's whether hes brilliant though, which is what he needs to be, which is tyhe question. Like your by line picture by the way.
I agtree trhe IPPR report doesn't take us very far at all and note headteachers barracked an education minister at a conference yesterday on league tables. Can't say I blame them either
It was Beverly Hughes wasn't it? Not the most impressive performer I think, and I guess the assembled heads were not enjoying being patronised!! Talking of by-line pics, I assume you're out in the middle of the ocean in yours??! Great one!
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