Saturday, April 05, 2008


'Exposure' of Mosley Might be Fun but it's not Justified

Being as honest as I can, I have to confess I enjoy reading a bit of scandal in the popular newspapers. Finding out that someone famous has been doing the sort of things I have only done behind closed doors, and having grown up when such things were never talked about, probably explains this weakness. For weakness it is.

Tabloids try to disguise their marketing strategies by claiming they are fulfilling a democratic duty to call our rulers and so-called 'betters' to account. But we know this is disingenuous; they use this as fig leaf to cover up a ploy which experience has proved, sells and sells. Are they justified? Seldom, in my view. Let's look at the current Max Mosley furore. Mark Lawson writes some good sense on this today, pointing out that Mosley, is in no sense one of our rulers, despite his father's desperate ambitions. The Federation Internationale L'Automobile(FIA) of which he is president, is a non profit organisation which represents the interests of car owners worldwide and is the controlling body for Formula 1 motor-racing. Neither can he be accused of hypocrisy in that he has never, to my knowledge, claimed that anything resembling Nazi costumed sado-masochistic sex games are sinful or should be banned.

The only reason the tabs went for him with a sting operation was because he's pretty rich, married, connected with the mega-lucrative Formula One racing and is the son of someone who admired Hitler and wanted to be Britain's fascist leader. The fact that he enjoys group sex with working girls dressed up like Nazis, seems to me to be wholly irrelevant to the rest of us. We might be tittivated and curious but it really is none of our business is it? Our tabloid press really is the worst in the world and why? Because people like me and millions of others continue to buy and read their trashy stories.

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