Friday, April 18, 2008


China is Becoming Identified as Supporter of State Terrorism

President Hu Jintao of China(seen left with friends) needs to consider seriously how the image of his country is evolving. The world is well aware of the Peking government's repressive actions in Tibet and aware of the close relationship with Musharaff in Pakistan when he was in charge. The Spielberg resignation must also have illustrated the anger in the west felt at the staunch Chinese support of the governhment responsible for the Darfur tragedy.

Now we see that the Chinese desire to wield power in Africa leaves no room for respect for human rights whatsoever. Today The Guardian leads with the story that a ship (see picture) loaded with arms has arrived in Durban with arms destined for the ministry of defence, Harare. Included are 3milliion rounds of ammunition for AK47s; 1,500 40m rockets and 2,500 mortar shells. Ordered shortly after the Zimbabwean election it seems clear such arms are intended for Mugabe's armed forces to quell any possible internal discontent.

If China's leaders are genuinely concerned to be liked and respected in the world- and their concern to promote and protect its image in relation to the Olymics suggests they are- they should appreciate siding with the most brutish regimes in pariah states is no way to achieve such an objective.

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