Thursday, March 27, 2008


Sarkozy and Carla Make Themselves Agreeable

I'll confess that I cannot fully exclude the possibility that my posting of this picture has been done for prurient reasons but it is in the news and it is seldom that one has a valid excuse to blog an image of such a beautiful woman. As for le president 'bling bling', I suspect, that like so many shortish men, he is delighted that so many of his fellows are now able to appreciate fully his extraordinary charisma and pulling power.

But in addition to the strangely opportunely choreographed glamour picture of his missus, Sarko has piled on the charm to anyone British who cares to listen.According to Simon Hoggart:

He loves us. He adores us. He reveres us! Listening to Nicolas Sarkozy address Parliament yesterday was like being underneath a torrent of crème Chantilly sprayed from a high-pressure hose. He actually said "thank you" for the liberation! Previous French presidents have implied that events in Normandy were mere skirmishes while the French got on with the job of throwing off the German yoke.

I bet Jacques Chirac, who, during twelve years as president, appeared not to have a single Anglophile thought, must be still grinding his teeth in rage at what the young upstart has allowed himself to say.

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