Thursday, March 20, 2008


British and French Premiers Audition for 'Brokeback Government'

I never believed all that stuff about Gordon Brown being gay; if you read the biographies he was always interested in women and, indeed, seemed to treat them, if anything, in a markedly selfish macho fashion. It was just the sort of absurd anti-Labour rubbish peddled by right-wing bloggers such as Guido so was easily dismissed.

But this picture in today's Guardian is bound, I predict, to reignite such speculation. That affectionate pose of Gordon's head and the obvious eye-lock with Sarko's plus the Frenchman's yielding, smiling welcome for the expected mucoid gift from the brooding Scot. Did they think such a frank exhibition of their mutual regard would appeal to the gay vote and revive their respective ailing political causes?

Ha! Nice picture. Though it's easy for a good photographer to capture moments which are too fleeting to be noticed on moving film.
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