Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Accusations of UKIP Abuse of EU Allowances

I have to confess to a mild frisson of schadenfreude when reading in the Sunday Times piece about Nigel Farage. The leader of UKIP never tires of condemning everything about the EU especially the 'Brussells gravy train'. If the ST guy is right, it seems UPIP might have a problemette to solve along the lines off the Conway family.

After the Conway sons, the article alleges UKIP has also got in the on the act in the form of Sam Farage, the 19 year old son of UKIP leader Nigel. This Exeter politics student, says the ST, is being paid to work for his father out of Dad's MEP expenses allowance; his Mum is on the payroll to the extent of £24K as well claims the article. UKIP is also being investigated as to whether some of their staff are being funded in similar ways. Farage-who refuses to answer 'ridiculous questions' about his son told Newsnight that UKIP was in the business of exposing 'this sort of thing. Which makes it even more delightfully apt that this rather unlovely party should be found with its hand in the EU till.

Since writing (a version of) the above last night I have received notice (see comments), including threats of legal action, (I guess the commenter is from UKIP), that Farage has made a statement claiming his son does not work for him; it can be found here. No doubt m'learned friends will be looking into the ST article to ascertain if snouts have in reality been in the trough. If they have not, I am more than happy to remove this amended post. But I am curious how the ST journalist got hold of his story in the first place.

He has not paid his son. Simple. If Foggo had bothered to print the full comment that would have been perfectly obvious.

www.ukip.org for the official statement.

Never believe everything you read in the newspapers, however much you'd like to...
I have checked out the statement made by Farage and if it subsequently emerges that his son is not emplyed as the ST article alleges, I'd be happy to retract-nay cancel- my post. Not much else I can do.
As the posting remain on your pitiful 'site' almost two hours after your offer to retract I can only assume that you wish to stand by that post. I am in the process of asking my legal team to take a very close look at this.
I do hate anonymous postings, don't you? But I accept Farage has denied the accusation and I have amended my post accordingly. If he is proved right- I am happy to remove the whole posting. By the way, if my site is so 'pitiful' I wonder why it seems to have caused you so much angst?
I notice that the UKIP has NOT denied that the wife of the leader is financed by the EU. He has only denied. Can he - will he - deny that ANY of his relatives or friends are financed by the EU?
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