Monday, September 03, 2007


Skipper in Lakes For Few Days

Taking advantage of what seems to be politically, a fallow period, and what seems to be sunny weather (now I know that can change quickly), I'm off to Keswick to do some walking in the proximity of Skiddaw- see picture.

Then, all being well, it's down to Stonyhurst College to do a talk to sixth formers on US-UK comparisons. And back for Friday to gear up for the start of term and, I hope, more blogging on British politics.

Ooh lovely, I am jealous. Sticking with the 'cat' theme of recent days, will you be walking up Catbells?!
Oddly enough the house my brother booked was in the shadow of Catbells. The idea of climbing it was mooted by my very fit (elder) brother, but was not supported by lazy me and my partner, also a Kate.
It wasn't in Stair, was it?! I'm renting a cottage there for a week in early November - and Catbells will definitely be on my agenda!
We stayed in a lovely old farmhouse called Ghyllbank Cottage,if I remember correctly.
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