Thursday, September 20, 2007


Skipper in Bavaria for a Few Days

I won't be staying in 'Mad Ludwig II's' picturesque castle at Fussen(that's him on the left) but I will, I hope, after cabbing it to the airport at this obscenely early hour, shortly be chez my sister Elizabeth (for my annual visit along with my brother) in a lovely little farming village called Ruderatshofen.

Either way, posting is likely to be light to minimal until I return but I may do one or two from within the heart of southern Germany, quite possibly on that subject so dear to my heart: litter. My sister told me on the phone last night that the weather was dry with lots of 'summery' autumn sun expected- won't say no to that after my last week in Stockport.

Thank god for that - the old bore's in krautland. Let's smash the place up while he's gone. And leave some litter...
It's a pity your wit is not of the same quality as your legendary pulls to leg
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