Monday, March 05, 2007


Rudd Damaged by Scandal Connection- Valedictory Posting

Australian politics is really interesting right now and I'm sorry I'll be leaving on Thursday. Labor are now atop a huge poll lead though Rudd has been quite badly hit by the scandal in Western Australia centering on the former premier, Brian Burke, an unlikely, flambouyant pamama wearing chancer who did a term in the slammer ten years ago and then set up a web of corrupt relationships whereby people at the centre of the Labor government out there apparetnly did his every bidding. For meeting this pariah recently, for a dinner engagement, Rudd has been badly affected as his judgement if not his probity have been questioned.

His personal satisfaction rating has fallen from 68 at the last count to 62 today but his party is still doing really well. I'll be watching developements closely from Blighty, assuming I get back alright. it seems so far to travel and this time it's non stop. But I do intend to do a 'is Australia a place to live in?' post once I get back and try to put things in perspective. That it is a delightful and exciting place to visit there is no doubt whatsoever.
PS I reinforce all these comments as I add this PS on 8th March....

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