Friday, January 05, 2007


Blogging Problems

Visitors to this blog will have noticed it's gone a bit pearshaped with repeated postings, no margin and a 'falling' down to the bottom of material. My IT literate colleague and friend, Roy Johnson is very kindly using his expertise in trying hard to solve this technical problem for me; in the meantime I'm having to suspend posting. If anyone is familiar with these problems perhaps they can leave a message explaining how it can be remedied. Hoping that normal service will soon be restored, Skipper

Did you save a backup copy of your blogger template somewhere? If so, running it may resolve the problem.
Yes Bob - we're using a copy of the oriiginal template for this page design - but the problem still persists.

I wonder if it is anything to do with Blogger's recent merging of the beta site with the old?
Not sure on the specific problem Bill but I do use Dreamweaver to edit my template and I've got plenty of HTML/CSS experience (although perhaps no less than Roy).

If you wan't me to take a look let me know...
Technical problems are so frustrating; has also been blighted, though I think by a "hacker". Anyway, no reason to stop posting: the articles can still be easily read. I need my daily dose of Skipper, you see.
Very often my revising my blog each iteration appears and I have to go back and delete the earlier versions which is no great chore really. Haven't sussed if you need to save the photos on the deleted posts if they are also linked from the remaining one ... but if I remember rightly this repetition instead of over-writing started with the new version.
Thanks Chris and also to all bloggers who have offered such helpful advice. I'm about to start posting again but haven't yet decided on what.
Forgot to say, thanks for your kind encouragement.
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