Saturday, November 25, 2006


Dale's Ten things Not to Do

'The great blog chieftain himself Iain Dale has issued a challenge to me among other bloggers to name the top ten things I would never do - other than standing as a Tory candidate or posing in front of a Henry Moore statue, of course.'

So begins a recent post by fellow blogger, the excellent Paul Linford whereupon he provides his interesting list. It seems another part of Dale's splendid wheeze is that each member challenged should nominate another ten bloggers to do the same. Paul nominated me, as did Tiberious Grachus As I explain below, I have some trouble finding 10 names as so many of my regular commenters have already been mentioned either by Paul or by Gracchus. But anyway here is my list. It's offered only approximately in order of importance.

I would never:

10. Strike a woman
9. Visit a prostitute.... I appreciate fate or age or both might conceivably cause me to modify that one.
8. Accept that anyone was socially superior to myelf... I really abhor snobbery.
7. (Related to the above) Call Prince Charles 'Sir'... as he insists even his close friends address him.
6. 'Rediscover' religion... I am a confirmed member of the C of E but have long since abandoned genuine belief in any supernatural higher being.
5. Watch Stockport County again... once was enough.
4. Visit Disneyland again... here again, once was enough for several lifetimes.
3. Betray a close friend.
2. Have sex with a man.
1. Vote Tory.

As for new nominations, as I explain above, most of my regular contributors were 'snapped up' by Paul and old Tiberious but of those left I'd nominate: Mantex, Bob Piper, SPL, (if he can find the time in his desperate pursuit of pleasure at Oxford), my son Markus(if he can divert his mind from possible future thespian glories) and, if he is so inclined to comment, I'd be interested in the pet hates or taboos of my old sparring partner, Michael Oakeshott. Or indeed, any other friend or visitor who feels they'd like to offer a response to 'Dale's challenge'. I have used my blog to make my comments but lists can just as easily be left in the comment box.

Good list. Particularly agree on Prince Charles. But I've got to disagree with Stockport County- you see I'm a Leeds fan and the way we're going we'll soon be looking on Stockport county as a step up the football ladder!
OK my list...
1. Become a socialist.
2. Support so-called equal rights for homosexuals.
3. Use an NHS hospital.
4. Sort my rubbish into the twenty different boxes we seem to have for recycling. Never.
5. Accept the right of the Government of the Republic of Ireland to interfere in the affairs of Northern Ireland.
6. Oppose the invasion of any muslim country.
7. Care about the environment.
8. Miss a chance to avoid or evade tax in any circumstance.
9. Watch Japanese TV game shows.
10.Take David Cameron seriously.
I particularly like numbers two and six of Oakeshott's list.

I will construct my list when I give up the pursuit of pleasure as futile and meaningless (later today).
Good to hear you've got your priorities correctly calibrated Sam. I liked all of Michael's list and suspect he'll feel vindicated by the polls today showing Cameron losing whatever magic he had.
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