Thursday, September 07, 2006


Has it Been Sorted or has it Not Been Sorted?

I'm away for a day or to but, before leaving, wanted to post a few thoughts on the events of today. Brown's statement was typically charmless and said more by what it left unsaid. Tony's statement was curious: at once admonitory to his party ('you shouldn't be doing this, you know') and unflinching('if you think I'm going to go easily, be a pushover, you can eff off'). It seems obvious little has been settled between the two men except-as in the failing marriage their relationship inevitably resembles- for an agreement to try and struggle on for a bit longer and for both to try and cool their respective ranks. Just whether they have their private armies properly under their control is a highly relevant question.

I suspect large elements of the rebel factions in Wales and Scotland and some marginal consituencies, are wondering why they marched themselves so bravely to the top of the hill, only to find themselves back down at the bottom, no better off. As Michael Brown of the Indy said on BBC 24, it all depends now on what the Blairite rebels think; if the likes of Bryant and Simon are satisfied, then Blair's position will be alright for the present; but if not, not. Blair clearly has tried to repair the damage by giving as little away as possible- it remains to be seen if the actions of Brown and Blair today are not just another dose of too little too late. Another barometer of the party will be whether Islington Labour Party withdraws its motion at the forthcoming conference calling on Blair to stand down. The word I fear is still: stand by for more fireworks at Manchester.

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