Thursday, August 17, 2006


It's Official: 'Bush is Crap' says Prescott

In a private meeting with MPs Harry Cohen, Neil Gerrard and others, we learn John Prescott opined that George Bush as 'crap'. Prezza met some backbench MPs to discuss the terror crisis and shared this teensy apercu with them. Harry Cohen, true to his more maverick sympathies, later spilt the beans; the whips will deliver a verbal spanking for that transgression- not that it will have any effect whatsoever. Will Woodward, who wrote the resultant piece in The Guardian, says the DPM's view 'is standard among Labour backbenchers and is held widely in the Cabinet'.

My complaint is not that such a view is in any way wide of the mark but that what we've been told is too broadbrush. I would have liked to hear some more detail, some elaboration from the repository of Labour's working class conscience. Like most Labour Party members I'm seething, full-time, about the guy and have been since before he was falsely elected. I can only imagine how Labour backbences must loathe the man who is probably going to deny them re-election some time in the future. Also, if Harry thinks Bush is 'crap', what adjective would he use to describe Tony?

Love him or hate him, Prezza always says what he is thinking!
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