Sunday, August 27, 2006


Falconer Rallies Blairites

I've just heard Charlie Falconer debating Amicus's Derek Simpson about the future direction of Labour. Simpson wants to junk the pro-private sector reform of public services and see a new direction in foreign policy too. His argument is that without such a change Gordon Brown will never win the next election. Falconer rejected this as a return to disastrous 'Old Labour' policies-a specious interpretation of Simpson's case I thought- as well as rejecting the implied suggestion that Blair should go now rather than some unspecified later date.

My feeling is that the leadership has got wind of moves planned for the forthcoming conference to force Blair to go. Charlie has offered his own jovial head above the parapet to fire a few salvos at the still organizing forces of the left. Falconer, former flatmate of the PM, relies wholly upon his personal patronage for his position of considerable power and influence. It follows that without his patron in Number 10, his time in the spotlight of power will instantly be over.

So he argues that to change a prime minister only fifteen months after a general election is too soon. He may be right but more likely, in my view, is that it's already several months too late. Blair had had his time, voters are bored, exasperated and in many cases, disgusted with him and his policies. He should use the conference to explain precisely when in the near future, he's going to stand down and allow an election for his successor.

Hi Skipper, came across your site by pure chance. Seeing the name "skipper" I thought I was going to a blog about sailing, of which I am a huge fan. But it's not clearly. I see you live in Stockport, I know it well. Do they still have that pyramid thing by the road? My family were from Cheshire, Wilmslow in fact. Anyway, interesting post, I agree it's time he went. Heather
No, i hate sailing, but yes, the 'Pyramid' is still there, as is Wilmslow and the rest of Cheshire. Glad you agree Blair should now go but I fear we have much longer to wait than we would wish.
With regard to your name, I believe Morrissons actually do a home-brand choclate bar with the name "Skipper". It's clearly in demand.
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