Thursday, January 26, 2006


Ming next in line for skeletons to be revealed?

Revelations that Simon Hughes is also gay come as no surprise to those of us who recall the bitter exchanges during the Bermondsey election in 1983 when Hughes beat Peter Tatchell- to some extent, said the leader of Outrage's supporters at the time, through the use of homophobic smears. Being a 54 year old bachelor and declaring one's straightness, even citing women to whom one had proposed, also seemed the perfect lead up to today's admissions.

So poor old Lib Dems- Charles, the problem drinker, Oaten, the user of rent boys(and practioner- if the blogs are to be believed, of the most ingeniously filthy sexual activities I've ever heard of) and now now Hughes, admitting his previous denials were lies. If he had come clean from the start he would almost certainly have avoided any damage.What else can happen? Bad news comes in threes we are told so maybe LiB dems have received their quota but, I wonder if Ming has any skeletons in his cupboard? Happily for the third party, he looks too strait laced, old fashioned and, frankly, boring, to be harbouring any suppressed revelations of deviance, sexual or otherwise.

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