Friday, January 13, 2006


Ming the Magnificent for me

'Ming' is the way the Scots pronounce 'Menzies' it seems- another great mystery cleared up. But the ownwer of this magnificent soubriquet is under a small cloud as a result of his 'poor' showing at PMQs. He should have seen the trap opening up before him, say wise onlookers, and not allowed the PM to squash him so effectively. On top of that Diane Abbott last night castigated him for looking 'like a Conservative Cabinet Minister', something which she thought was likley to do for him. My feeling is that the PMQ thing was a slip though an important one as, unlike most voters, Lib Dem party members, like any party members, are part of that small minority who are involved in politics. They will have seen and noted. Though the slip was hyped up more than it should have been I think-maybe because of Blair's masterly riposte delivered with perfect timing and without malice. Nothing to turn many people off him I reckon. He remains my pick of the candidates.

Hughes, the bookies favourite- is too boring and like a parson; Oaten is almost as uncharismatic on TV too and a little too keen. And Huhne? he is just too little known to cut a lot of ice and does not even have extreme youth on his side-he's 51; Though I'm told by my gambling mate he's a good bet at 7-1. Ming may be older and elderly looking to boot but he has a lot of charisma and a lot of sense and if his party members share any of it, they'll elect the best leader they have so far never had as their leader.

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