Monday, December 19, 2005


Charles Continues to Sweat

Charles Kennedy said something a little odd yesterday about his alleged heavy drinking. He told the BBC he was a 'light to moderate drinker' but that also he had cut down on his drinking and felt a lot better for it. If he only drank lightly, one might ask, then why did he feel it necessary to cut down? This won't still the mumblings and mutterings. Jackie Ashley in The Guardian writes today: 'He is now too badly damaged to continue and must go, or be removed, quickly'. For a leading columnist to write that is a sign things are going to be all downhill for Kennedy unless something remarkable happens. She predicts Cameron will move strongly into the Lib Dem section of the political spectrum and pose them a problem of defining their identity. They need a leader to fight off this assault and Charlie doesn't seem to be him.

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