Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Wrong again

Well, I always say my predictions are wrong, but in defence of mine yesterday that Blunkett would survive I plead:
a) there were a couple more revelations this morning
b) it was he who decided to go, not Tony.

If he had really wanted to stay he could have. Maybe he should have agreed to the inquiry which may then have exonerated him. Interestingly my current affairs class this morning were mostly sympathetic to him but two or thre did express the view that he had overstepped the line and should go with one saying they thought he had become arrogant and corupted by power.

Whatever these views, I will mourn his losing his life's raison d'etre anyway. Stand by for crocodile tears from the very press which hounded him so mercilessly though. I was interested to hear my old doctoral examiner Sir Bernard Crick, saying very similar things to me on the World at One this afternoon.

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