Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Gary Glitter

This post is influenced a little by Trinny and Susannah so if it is maybe a bit trivial I apologize in advance. I have just seen a piece in The Guardian featuring Paul Gadd in Vietnam, where he has been arrested for alleged sex with minors. My first reaction to his picture was one of acute sadness. I remember when, as Gary Glitter, he exploded onto the pop music scene in the early seventies as the original 'glamrocker'. He was fit, had ample wild hair and trademark bold, staring, almost magnetic eyes.

Now he is clearly overweight, bald and his eyes-to the extent that they can be discerned- seem dead. All careers end in tragedy said Enoch Powell and the principal author of that tragedy is time, of course. But even if these things are known and expected, it is still a shock to see how the end of his career in disgrace- he served time for downloading pictures of sex involving children-has brought him so very low.

And the clothes bit? He is wearing a T shirt for which, what ever happens in the Vietnamese court, Trinny and Susannah would certainly pronounce a death sentence.

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