Monday, November 28, 2005


Archer according to Max Hastings

Quite a bit of comment on Jeffrey Archer's attempt to achieve rehabilitation in the paper today. Max Hastings was especially condemnatory. How can we forgive the man, he asks, if he has shown no sign of contrition or regret 'except about getting found out'. He goes on to thunder magnificently at those of his media colleagues who have the temerity to glug down the legendary Krug champagne and shepherds pie which by tradition as I understand it, comprised the menu at these annual bashes:

'At the risk of being denounced as a prig, I suggest that anyone who goes on attneding Archer's parties now that he is no longer a mere object of suspicion but a convicted criminal, is so stuck in the moral maze that they are unlikely to find a way out'

I would hate to pass up the chance of free champagne myself, but, as I will never be asked feel I can say that I rather think Max is right on this one.

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