Tuesday, October 18, 2005


what now then?

So it's farewell Ken. It's odd how the frontrunner in Conservative leadership elections always seem to fade away-Clarke, Portillo and this time Davis and lose while the favourites always win in the Labour Party: Kinnock, Smith, Blair. Maybe it's a bit soon to declare Davis a loser but he was the only candidate whose vote did not increase beyond his stated support- in fact he went down from 67 declared to 62 on the night.

But, after his lack lustre conference performance and the growing profile of 'Dave' Cameron, I think many of his votes will splinter Thursday night to Fox and Cameron, leaving him high and dry. And rightly so: he does not have the qualities needed of a leader of the party at the present time. I think it'll be between Fox and Cameron and that the old Etonian will win despite the drawback of a posh background.

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