Monday, May 09, 2005


stuff about me

My name is Bill Jones and I'm a 59 year old writer and semi-retired lecturer in politics at Manchester University. I have much interest in international affairs but my main writing interests are in British politics where I help supply the nation's youth with textbooks via Pearson Education-PoliticsUK- and Manchester University Press- British Politics Today and the Dictionary of British Politics.
Why 'Skipper'? It relates back to when I was at university in Aberystwyth and doing research for my PhD. We had a postgraduate cricket team called the Llandinam Wanderers(don't ask)and I inherited the captaincy. One of our number, a sociologist called Pip Jones, now at Anglia-Polytechnic University, invented the soubriquet 'Skipper' and it sort of stuck as-randon extra information here- has his: 'The Dosser'(again don't ask).

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